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UV Disinfection Protects Patients, Patrons & Employees.

Gain the upper hand on germs with UV-C disinfection

Despite the best disinfection and cleaning attempts — whether that be hand hygiene or strict cleaning schedules — infection-causing pathogens can spread throughout susceptible environments, like hospitals, grocery stores or entertainment venues. Harmful pathogens, including C. diff, MRSA and Norovirus, can be easily transmitted from high touch surfaces, affecting the health of patients, patrons and employees.

But don’t worry, UV-CLEAN technology is here to help. Offering an affordable and powerful automated disinfection solution, the devices in our Touch Series and Storage Series will give you the peace of mind that you deserve when battling germs on high-touch surfaces. The proactive, no-touch self-disinfecting technology provides a strong line of defense against the spread of microorganisms on high-touch surfaces or objects from workstations in patient rooms to grocery store self-service checkouts. UV-CLEAN’s powerful UV-C light is proven to be 99.9% effective in killing bacteria and viruses on high touch surfaces.

How Does UV-CLEAN Work?

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Invisible. Invincible

UV-C light is invisible. And it's unbeatable. The "C" wavelength of the electromagnetic UV family has, among other things, germicidal effects - destroying microorganisms: bacteria, virus, protist and fungus/mold.

According to a BET-R study funded in large part by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC): The incidence of target organisms among exposed patients was significantly lower after adding UV-C light to standard cleaning strategies. Ultraviolet disinfection is powerful and effective.

Microorganisms are simple organic structures that readily absorb the UV-C wavelength, causing photo-disassociation (destruction). With their DNA broken, microorganisms can't function or reproduce, and they die. UV-CLEAN self-disinfecting technology breaks down microorganisms up to 24" away below the unit's mounting location, killing 99.9% of pathogens on high-touch surfaces. UV-CLEAN offers a unique approach to disinfection - making the device a simple, low-maintenance and powerful solution.



Worry-Free. Time-Free.

UV-CLEAN units are designed with convenience, low-maintenance and safety in mind. Automated ultraviolet disinfection cycles and a built-in motion sensor for safe operation of its UV-C light feature make UV-CLEAN easy and safe to use.

Another feature is the customizable cleaning cycles help optimize day-to-day workflow with automatic means of self-disinfection. You can customize setup, time, no-motion and wait-mode settings for cleaning cycles for each UV-CLEAN unit. A cleaning cycle auto-powers the UV-C light. If motion is detected while a scheduled cleaning cycle is in progress, the UV-C light powers off and the cleaning cycle is discontinued. After the activity has stopped and if no motion is detected, a new additional cleaning cycle begins to disinfect the newly contaminated surface. After that cleaning cycle successfully completes without interruption, UV-CLEAN reverts to operating under the scheduled cleaning cycles timeline.

The plug-&-play UV-CLEAN units require no time-consuming network installation. UV-CLEAN's automated operation avoids the hassles of network installation and manual scheduling of cleaning cycles. With less to worry about, this can significantly free up your time to focus on other work tasks.



Plug & Play.

The UV-CLEAN units showcase a sleek and stylish design with small-footprint dimensions — ideal for space-constrained areas. With this automated UVC disinfection device, you don’t need to worry about network installation. Installing UV-CLEAN units is simple and easy for fast deployment.

The units are also available in multiple configuration options to provide flexible workspace configurations in high-touch areas.



Smart. Reliable.

UV-CLEAN units feature internal working memory and USB port connectivity. The device generate audit trails and uses internal memory to store all cleaning cycle data, allowing individuals to audit and report on disinfecting cycles. 

Additionally, UV-CLEAN units include a USB cable that allows you to connect the unit to your PC, laptop or other USB-enabled device for downloading cleaning-cycle data or audit records. This makes it easy and convenient — you don’t need to connect to a network.

You can use the UV-CLEAN Audit PC software to manage time settings for the cleaning cycles. The UV-CLEAN Audit Records screen displays the unit’s cleaning-cycle information that includes date, time, duration and status (Completed, Interrupted). You can save this information to a delimited-text (CSV) file that can be used by a spreadsheet program. Being in compliance with regulatory audit reporting has never been easier. No more manual checkoff sheets to track cleaning.



Scalable Investment.

The infection prevention battle is fought on many fronts. But the rising costs of healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and other infections continue to have a high impact. The low cost of UV-CLEAN technology ownership can complement and enhance your current disinfection program or cleaning protocols - making UV-CLEAN a smart investment within your operations budget. You can also scale disinfection protection into more high-touch areas as needed.

A one-year warranty backs up UV-CLEAN's affordability and highly effective UV-C disinfection technology. This makes a compelling return on investment.


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