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Get the Facts: Germs in Public Places have Costly Consequences

Take the fear out of using public high touch surfaces with disinfection technology 

UV-CLEAN technology can be leveraged across many industries, from healthcare and industrial to retail and hospitality. Environments such as patient rooms, medical units, grocery store self-checkouts, restaurant order kiosks, airport kiosks and more can become safer for patients and patrons alike. Scroll down on this page to see how UV-CLEAN technology is being used in both point of care and point of sale spaces. 


Point of Care: Healthcare Facilities

Hospital acquired infections affect millions of people and add billions of dollars to healthcare costs in the U.S. annually. Although hospitals and healthcare facilities implement rigorous cleaning and disinfection practices to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), harmful pathogens still spread throughout susceptible environments. In fact, HAIs, including C. diff, MRSA and Norovirus, can affect millions of people and add billions of dollars to healthcare costs in the U.S. annually. 


of pathogens are transferred by touch


1 out of 31 patients develop a HAI


1.7 million
HAIs occur in U.S. hospitals each year


Your length of stay in the hospital increases by 17.6 days if you get an HAI



Point of Sale: Retail, Hospitality & Entertainment Venues

Touchscreen technology has become an integral part of our daily lives - as well as a source for dangerous, infection-causing bacteria that effects people by causing sicknesses. Although self-service kiosks started out as a great tool to increase productivity and customer service, they are now a cause of fear for many people.


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